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Press Release

Croatian startup Pozzito chose appearance on CCW in Berlin, as the first step in the conquest of the world market

Behind Pozzito are Croatian IT experts with years of experience on CRM large projects and contact centers for some of the biggest companies in Southeast Europe. In Berlin they exhibit their product and knowledge to potential customers, companies from around the world, along with 250 other exhibitors.

Berlin, February 21, 2017 Pozzito, solution for communication between contact centers and their customers is a product of Croatian IT experts, gathered in a young startup team. They decided to develop it for the world market, and as the first step chose the appearance on leading European conference on customer support and communications in Berlin, CCW 2017.

Alen Selimbegović, Pozzito COO: „We arrived in Berlin because at this conference we have the opportunity to show how much we understand the needs of this industry. Pozzito brings its users significant advantages, their companies saving and their contact centers key analytical operations. At CCW we want to start a dialogue with visitors and other exhibitors, and continue it after returning home, with a little luck by Pozzito.” 

What is Pozzito?

Pozzito is the modern contact center that helps companies to response the needs of its users in real time and through their usual communication channels. It is an ideal communications solution for small and medium enterprises because thanks to the omni-channel mode provides maximum correlation between different channels of communication. This means that for communication with customers can use Chat, Mobile SDK, audio, video, social networks (Facebook, Twitter) and instant messaging (Viber). No waiting in the line, switching to other agents and similar actions that frustrates customers and provokes negative rating.

These channels of communication completely meet the needs of modern contact centers, and this is confirmed by global survey of contact centers whose results show that the web chat is the most efficient channel of Millennials communication.

The efficiency and cost savings in customer support

In the companies that will use Pozzito, agents is guaranteed significantly facilitating work because it reduces the average number of clicks by 60% compared to the existing mode. Transparent and intuitive interface makes work easier and reduces the number of repetitive actions. Advanced functionality of Pozzito system includes automatic users and problems identification, contact status control, prioritization of calls, which mode to use and the geolocation of users. Pozzito is a cloud solution that makes it flexible and easy to maintain, because it does not include the hardware and does not require additional costs. At the same time provides the highest level of data security.

Mighty analytics

Pozzito ensures an overview of the contact center activities in real time and provides insight into the possible problems at the time of their formation. In this way, focus on solving the problem is very quickly, while further analytics provides deeper information, filtering the obtained data.

Alen Selimbegović from Pozzito emphasizes: „Pozzito is a tool for strengthening the brand, retain customers and increase their loyalty. Effective solution of the user’s problems, no matter where they are, is the need of any company that interacts with users.”

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Alen Selimbegović

Alen Selimbegović

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Pozzito team

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Pozzito short

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