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Your Business Needs Viber

Find out how to leverage the power of Viber to connect with your customers!

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Check Out Our Integrations

Pozzito is now integrated with all major CMS and e-commerce platforms.

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Chat has killed the phone call. Or has it?

Communicating with Viber, Twitter, Facebook, Skype…or just plain old e-mail? There have never been so many ways to get in touch with another human being. Did chat kill the phone call? Find out what we think!

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Hello, we are Pozzito

We’re here to bring brighter interactions to your customer care.

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Wear your product on your sleeve. Literally.

We had a really small, badly lit booth at our first ever convention. This is how we got noticed!

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7 Ways How Website Widgets Can Get Customer Service Efforts to the Next Level

Not sure how web widgets can improve your business? Read our in-depth guide!

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