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Here’s a bright idea

Ease up on the
hardware. Your
contact centre
doesn’t need any.

Here’s a bright idea

The best time
to help your
customer is
real time.

Cloud based solution

A cloud based solution is a system that boots up in less than a minute, without any hardware. It is fully adaptable to the size and needs of your business and requires no additional expenses.

Live Chat

Your customers need help or an answer from you right now? Live Chat is the best way to do that. You can fully customize it yourself, there’s no need for maintenance from our side.

Simple integration

Web sites, mobile apps, Facebook, Twitter… Pozzito isn’t picky and can easily adapt to any platform you want to use to communicate with your clients.

Here is a bright idea

Keep it simple.

Here is a bright idea

Don’t think communication channels - think relationships. Just like your customer does.

Here’s a bright idea: Make it a single solution.

Users don’t care about the communication channel you’re using. They care about getting their problem solved. First contact will be via a form, the second over a chat, the third over the phone. So, with a standard call center, the user has to repeat the same introductory information every time and explain the problem over and over! Pozzito makes this unnecessary, thanks to its omnichannel approach, which allows for transparency and maximum level of correlation between all communication channels, providing agents with full insight into all the details of previous communications and user data.

Here is a bright idea

Turn your data into insights with mighty analytics.


Data can be a gold mine or a trash heap. The difference lies in the analytics.

Pozzito’s mighty analytics give you a real time overview of a call center’s status and allow you to notice critical problems and take concrete action (e.g. escalate them or transfer them to another person or group). With a single glance at a chart, you can detect critical problems in the system and create an in-depth segmentation and time analysis.

Here is a bright idea


Smart contact distribution

Assign every contact to their ideal agent, based on user profile, access channel or problem type, etc. Automatically, of course.

Contact status control

Track each contact step by step, from “Hello” to “Goodbye”, as well as the user’s satisfaction with the service provided.

Automatic identification

Each contact is registered by the system, allowing for automatic user recognition and the linking of various contacts.

Automatic record keeping

Get to the point right away! Pozzito keeps automatic record of technical data: browser version, OS, geographic location, etc.

Working hours

Pozzito will adapt to your working hours, providing, for example, a contact form instead of a chat window after working hours.


Fewer questions – faster solutions. Pozzito will automatically geolocate the user.

User satisfaction

Track your call center’s quality through a poll at the end of every call.


Link the existing systems (CRM, ticketing, contact data…) with your Pozzito account by yourself, using modern technologies.

Pre-defined responses

Speed up your agents’ work by providing pre-defined answers to frequently asked questions.